Friday, 13 November 2015

双色芒果糯米饭 Duo Colour Mango Sticky Rice

相信芒果糯米饭 (Khao niew ma muang),对大家并不陌生。



食谱参考《米香美味 Rice Delicacies》,略有少许更改。以下食谱刚好足够做两份。

这是预先设定的帖子。 This is a scheduled post.

材料A (Ingredients A)
150g       糯米 (150g glutinous rice)
适量        水 (Some water)

材料B (Ingredients B)

25g         浓椰浆 (25g thick coconut milk)
2片         香兰叶 (2 pcs pandan leaves)
25g         水 (25g water)
1/2茶匙   糖- 嗜甜者可增加多一些 (1/2 tsp sugar - add more sugar if you prefer sweet rice)

材料C (Ingredients C)

25g         浓椰浆 (25g thick coconut milk)
25g         水 (25g water)
1/2茶匙   糖 - 嗜甜者可增加多一些 (1/2 tsp sugar - add more sugar if you prefer sweet rice)

材料D (Ingredients D)

100g       浓椰浆 (100g thick coconut milk)
1汤匙      糖 (1tbsp sugar)
少许        盐 (Pinch of salt)

材料E (Ingredients E)

1个        芒果 (Some mangoes)

步骤 (Steps)
1. 把材料A浸至少3-4小时,沥干水,分别放入两个碗里。
    Soak ingredients A for 3-4 hours, drain the water, divide and put into 2 bowls.

2. 把材料B
    Blend ingredients B (except sugar), shift and stir in sugar, then pour the pandan coconut
    milk into one of the glutinous rice bowl.

3. 把材料C
    Mix ingredients C and put into another bowl.

4. 把
    Put (2) and (3) into a steamer and steam with medium heat for half an hour or until the 
    glutinous rice is cooked.

5. 把材料D煮滚(边缘开始起泡即可熄火),离火备用。

    Bring to boil ingredients D (turn off the heat once bubbles start forming at the edge of the 
    pot), leave to cool before serve.

6. 把糯米饭(我把它们揉成圆球)铺在碟里,浇上少许(5)和加入切块芒果一起食用。

    To assembly, put the glutinous rice on the plate (I roll them to form ball shape), put some 
    (5) and serve with mango. 

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  1. 这道做法很容易呢!下次试试!谢谢分享!

  2. Hi Jozelyn,
    Oh this is my kids' favourite dessert. ... but I've not tried adding pandan juice to glutinous rice. Like the dual colours. .. so yummy!

  3. Hi Jozelyn,
    Sorry for my super late post. Just post up one.. haha!
    oh!! i love your version of this mango glutinous rice, it comes in dual flavor.
    It must be full of pandan and coconut aroma... yum!!

  4. Hi Jozelyn,
    Wow this is such a delicious looking dessert! Mangoes and pulut, two of my favourites! Thanks for linking!


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