Tuesday, 13 October 2015

椰浆饭 Coconut Rice




椰浆饭 (Coconut rice)
材料A (Ingredients A)
1碗          新鲜椰丝 (1 bowl fresh shredded coconut)
1.5碗       温水 (1.5 bowl warm water)

材料B (Ingredients B)
1碗         白米-洗净,沥干水分 (1 bowl white rice - wash and drain)
1片         香兰叶-切段 (1 pcs pandan leaf - cut into few stretch)
少许        盐 (Pinch of salt)

椰浆饭配料 (Other condiments)
适量        马来式香料炸鸡 (Some Malay style spice fried chicken)
适量        江鱼仔叁巴 (Some anchovies sambal)
少许        花生 (Some roasted peanuts)
适量        熟鸡蛋 (Some hard boil egg)
适量        青瓜 (Some cucumber slice)

步骤 (Steps)
1. 把温水倒入椰絲,静置5分钟,用纱布挤出椰浆。
    Pour warm water into the shredded coconut, leave for 5 minutes, then squeeze out the 
    coconut milk.

2. 把(1)加入材料B,放入万能锅,选择“白米”功能,即可。
    Pour (1) into ingredients B, put into the smart cooker, choose the "white rice" function to 
    cook the rice.

3. 椰浆饭可以配着其他材料一起吃。
    Serve coconut rice with your favourite condiments.

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  1. Hi Jozelyn,
    I just had my lunch but seeing this plate of fragrant yummy coconut rice & spicy chicken made me hungry again ...

  2. 椰浆饭我很爱吃的嘞!! 可是我正在瘦身,无法吃这美食。不过呢~ 爆卡天还是可以吃吃NG的食物,等我有空时就做来吃!


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