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皮纳塔黑珍珠戚风蛋糕 Pinata Japanese Dark Pearl Chiffon Cake




皮纳塔蛋糕做法可以参考 Youtube, 黑珍珠戚风蛋糕食谱取自 Aunty Young,略有少许更改,谢谢她的好分享

材料A (ingredients A)
104g       苦甜巧克力纽扣 (104g semi-sweet dark chocolate buttons)

材料B (ingredients B)
4个          蛋黄 (4 egg yolks)
48g         玉米油 (48g corn oil)
80g         鲜奶  (80g milk)

材料C (Ingredients C)
44g         特幼面粉 (44g superfine flour)
20g         可可粉 (20g cocoa powder)
1/4tsp     发粉 (1/4 tsp baking powder)
1/4tsp     小苏打 (1/4 tsp baking soda)

材料D (Ingredients D)
4个         蛋白 (4 egg whites)
1/4tsp    塔塔粉 (1/4 tsp cream of tartar)
64g        细砂糖  (64g caster sugar)

装饰 (Decoration)
材料E (Ingredients E)
200g       植物性鲜奶油 (200g topping cream)
3g           巧克力浓浆 (3g chocolate emulco)

材料F (Ingredients F)
适量        新鲜樱桃-切小片 (Some fresh cherries - chop small)
2罐          葵花仁巧克力 (2 can chocolate coated sunflower seeds)

材料G (Ingredients G)
180g      苦甜巧克力纽扣 (180g semi-sweet dark chocolate buttons)
120g      动物性鲜奶油 (120g whipping cream)

步骤 (Steps)
1. 把材料A隔水融化,待凉后把材料B分次加入,每加入一样材料,必须搅拌到充分混合为
    Double boil ingredients A, set aside till temperature fall, add in ingredients B one at a time
    and stir until evenly mix together, finally sieve in ingredients C and mix evenly.

2. 在另一个盆里,把蛋白打至起泡,加入塔塔粉打至5分发,把细砂糖分三次加入,打至9分
     In another bowl, whip egg whites until bubbles form, add in cream of tartar and whip until 
    about 50% to soft peak, add in caster sugar in 3 batches and whip until about 90% soft to 
    stiff peak.

3. 把(2)分3次加入(1),搅拌均匀,倒入7寸半圆模,放入预热烤箱170度烤45分钟至
    Fold (2) into (1) in 3 batches, then pour into a 7.5 inches round mould, bake in pre-heated 
    oven at 170 degree Celsius for 45 minutes or until cooked.

4. 蛋糕取出后,在理桌面20cm高处把蛋糕摔在桌面,倒扣待凉,15分钟后脱模(我赶时间,
    Remove the cake from the oven, drop the mould from a distance of about 20cm from the 
    table top to prevent shrinkage, invert the cake and let it rest for 15 minutes before release
    it from the mould (you can let it cool down for a longer time but I am in hurry), divide the cake 
    horizontally into 3 pieces, use a hamburger fry egg mould, give a cut on 1 piece of cake.

5. 把材料E打发,备用。
    Whip ingredients E and set aside.

6. 把一片蛋糕放在蛋糕托上,中间放一个汉堡煎蛋的圆模,在模外涂上一层(5),撒上少许
    Put a piece of cake on the cake board, put the hamburger fry egg mould at the centre, 
    spread (5) outside the hamburger fry egg mould and put some chop cherries on top of the 
   cream, then spread another layer of (5) to cover the cherries.

7. 把汉堡煎蛋的圆模取出,铺上切了洞的蛋糕,并在洞内倒入1灌葵花仁巧克力。
    Remove the hamburger fry egg mould , place the piece of cake with the centre removed on 
    top of the cake at (6), then fill the hole with 1 can of chocolate coated sunflower seeds.
8. 再次把蛋糕表面涂上(5),撒樱桃和再铺1层(5)。
    Spread the cream from (5), top with cherries and the cream from (5).

9. 再倒入少许葵花仁巧克力,以便填满整个洞。
     Fill up the hole with additional chocolate coated sunflower seeds. 

10. 最后铺上一层蛋糕,用(5)把整个蛋糕涂均匀。
       Finally place another layer of cake and frost the whole cake with (5).

11. 隔水融化材料G,备用。
       Double boil ingredients G and set aside.

12. 用抹刀把蛋糕从蛋糕托提起,放在蛋糕网架上,蛋糕网下垫一个大盆,把(11)倒在蛋糕表
      Lift the cake with a spatula, put the cake on top of a cooling rack with bottom lined with a 
      big bowl, pour (11) on top of the cake, let it flow and cover the whole cake, wait until 
      the ganache stop dripping (about 30 minutes), then lift up the cake with a spatula and 
      place it back to the cake board and decorate the sides with chocolate coated 
      sunflower seeds.

制作蛋糕 The making of cake



装饰 Decorations 

汉堡煎蛋模粘到鲜奶油没关系,就把它涂在蛋糕上 ^_^

鲜奶油最好涂到滑滑,那么倒巧克力淋酱就会比较顺利,我的功夫不到家 ^_^

同时,我也做了醇香巧克力蛋糕 去开派对 ^_^


  1. 哇!这个蛋糕很kheng 超!你好厉害。

  2. Wow ! The kids must be surprised to see the colourful chocolate sunflowers hidden inside the beautiful cake :D
    Lovely & yummy cupcakes & birthday cake !

  3. 我也是做了巧克力蛋糕为孩子庆生! Happy Birthday!

  4. Wow, Jozelyn!!! This cake is awesome!!!

    This kind of birthday surprise... I like!!!!


  5. 哇!!好多彩虹豆哦,妳家的孩子肯定高兴得飞起

  6. Wow! Awesome pinata cake! This surprise will definitely leave a deep memory in your child. Well done mummy!

  7. 好棒的蛋糕,切开时,那些小孩不wawa叫才怪 !!!


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