Sunday, 13 September 2015

潮州芋泥月饼 Teochew Style Yam Moon Cake

近来真的很忙,超过半个月没上来“打扫”。中秋节快到了。。。我。。。今年的第一款月饼。。。登登登登。。。是它 ~ 潮州芋泥月饼。


参考了好几个食谱,最后锁定了 Cass 家的食谱。

芋泥馅参考了 CassKathrine Kwa 老师Carol 老师的,略有少许更改。水皮和油酥参考Cass制作方式可以看 Carol 老师视频

巴刹 Aunty 介绍买的长形芋头,比起以往每次买的比较像球形的芋头,香很多,一边蒸的时候,就嗅到了。



芋泥馅 (Yam paste)
500g       芋头-切块后的重量 (500g yam - weight after peeled)
125g       细砂糖 (125g castor sugar)
50g         玉米油 (50g corn oil)
25g         澄面粉 (25g wheat starch)

步骤 (Steps)
Peel and chop the yam, steam with high flame until soften (I spend about 30 minutes), mash with a folk while still hot, then pour all ingredients into the bread maker, turn on the "jam" function (1 hour 5 minutes), set aside.

[ 备注:我觉得油可以加多一点, Cass 用40g, Kathrine Kwa老师用90g,可是月饼烤好后觉得加多一点油会好一点。这个糖份我觉得刚刚好,可是配着饼皮吃稍微淡了一些,Cass 用140g, Kathrine Kwa老师用150g。
Notes: I suggest to add more oil, Cass uses 40g, Teacher Katherine Kwa uses 90g, I think the paste is slightly on the dry side when eat together with the pastry. For the sugar, I think the taste was just nice but it is slightly on the "light" side when eat together with the pastry, Cass uses 140g and Teacher Kathrine Kwa uses 150g. ]

水皮材料 (Water Dough Ingredients)
150g       面粉 (150g flour)
20g         细砂糖  (20g caster sugar)
40g         玉米油 (40g corn oil)
75g         清水 (75g plain water)
1/4茶匙   芋头香精 (1/4 tsp yam emulco)

步骤 (Steps)
Mix all ingredients (except water and yam paste) until well combine, add yam emulco into the water, then add water a little bit at a time to form a non stick dough, cover with cling wrap and set aside at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Remarks: I put yam emulco with the intention to get a purple colour moon cake but unfortunately, I put too little and the colour is not visible.] 

油酥材料 (Oil Dough Ingredients)
100g       面粉 (100g flour)
50g         玉米油 (50g corn oil)

步骤 (Steps)
Pour corn oil into the flour a little bit at a time, roll to form a non stick dough, cover with cling wrap, rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Notes: I think this corn oil is slightly more, even after I rest the dough in the fridge for longer time, the dough is still very soft, suggest to reduce corn oil slightly. May be corn oil has different consistency compare to other oil, that's why the texture is slightly different].

组合月饼 (Combine Mooncake)
1. 把芋泥馅取出 360g,分成12份 ( 1份30g ),搓圆,备用。
    Take 360g of yam paste, divide into 12 portion (1 portion is 30g), roll into ball, set aside.

2. 把水皮分和油酥各别分成6份,搓圆。
    Divide water dough and oil dough into 6 portion, each, roll to form ball.

3. 把水皮开,包入油酥,搓圆,重复至完。
    Roll out the water dough into thin sheet, wrap the oil dough in it, repeat the same step for 
    all dough.

4. 把(3)擀成长形,卷起成圆柱形,然后盖上保鲜膜,休息15分钟。
    Flatten (3) to form a thin sheet, roll to form cylinder shape, cover with cling wrap, set 
    aside for 15 minutes.

5. 在收口处先把面团压下,擀成长条,卷起来,盖上保鲜膜,让面团休息15分钟。
    Flatten (4), start flatten at the opening of the roll, then roll the dough again, cover with 
    cling wrap, set aside for 15 minutes.

6. 将休息好了的(5),用利刀从中间切开,切口部分用掌心先压扁,再用擀面棍压平,把面
    Use a sharp knife, cut (5) at the middle, flatten the dough from the cut using the palm, 
    then flatten into a thin sheet, turn over the dough, wrap (1) into it, lightly press with fingers
    to cover the dough nicely and place it in the baking tray.

7. 放入预热的烤箱,170度烤30分钟或表面成金黄色即可。
    Bake at preheated oven at 170 degree for 30 minutes or until golden brown.


  1. Jozelyn很厉害!还自己做芋泥馅。一定又滑又香。我一定要向你学习 :D

  2. Hi Jozelyn,

    Glad that you have given the busy you some extra time to make these lovely mooncakes all the way from scratch! I must say that it is a fantastic and they look really good!


  3. 哇~ 你真的很棒!我要多多向你学习了

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  6. Hi Jozelyn,
    Wow ! 很厉害 ! These lovely yam mooncakes looked so yummy !


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